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In The Press

Read about Rajan-ji in the papers! See what he is doing, and what others are saying. Here are just a few newspaper clippings, click the tittles to read more!

Tittle & Link:Hindus laud Delhi Metro for using Gita as management-text and urge all corporations to follow
Publication: One India

Tittle & Link: Australia’s Victoria Legislative Assembly denies Hindu opening prayer request
Publication: One India

Tittle & Link:Hollywood star Radha Mitchell’s next project will explore India’s spirituality
Publication: Washington Bangla Radio

Tittle & Link: Friend of Roma people Rajan Zed awarded “Certificate of Commendation” by police chief
Publication: Political party for integration of the Roma-PIR

Tittle & Link:“Tantra is not just sex”: Upset Hindus
Publication: South Asia Mail

Tittle & Link:Zed suggests use of social media to boost interfaith dialogue
Publication: One India

Tittle & Link:Ancient Hindu invocations in 14 city & state legislative bodies in 5 Western states of USA
Publication: The Indian

Tittle & Link:Burger King Offends Hindu Lakshmi The Goddess
Publication: World Vegetarian and Vegan News